Update from Nicaragua: March 24

March 23, 2012: Sarah and Dan took the small plane from Waspam to Managua to join Kent. Dave and Kate had previously left for Raleigh.

On the plane ride from Waspam to Managua, Sarah and Dan had the good fortune to meet Padre Florino Cerefino, the Catholic Priest overseeing the Catholic activities at over 110 worship centers throughout the eastern Nicaragua region. We discussed the possibility of implementing a water collection and storage system at the Catholic Church in Kisalaya. He indicated that such water harvesting systems had been installed at 6 of the Churches under his jurisdiction through collaboration between the Catholic Church and USAID operating out of Managua. When we reached Managua, we initiated contact with the USAID person suggested by Padre Cerefino.

March 24, 2012: Sarah, Kent, and Dan took a public bus from Managua to Masaya to purchase items from the public markets to be auctioned off at EWB-RTP’s next benefit dinner.

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