Update from Nicaragua: March 20

March 20, 2012: conducted a six hour consensus building and instructional workshop with 40 representatives of the Kisalaya community at Rose’s meeting center in Waspam.

After introductions and agreement on an agenda, the representatives were asked to get together in small groups and create lists of their most pressing community concerns. A member of each group shared their concerns with the gathering.

EWB-RTP member Sarah Braman who administered the workshop was assisted by Larenzo in the moderation of the discussions. A session was held on safe water practices stressing the importance of cleanliness and describing water sterilization methods by Larenzo afterwhich he conducted a demonstration on repair and maintenance of rope type well pumps This was followed by instructions from EWB’s David Heiser on the use of the electrically driven pump that we installed.

EWB-RTP member Kent Lioret and Mayra prepared an updated joint agreement for review by the participants and signing.

Lambertp led the group singing during the workshop to affirm friendship. As a sign of solidarity, the members of the workshop joined in hand washing prior to lunch. After lunch, the Kisalaya community representatives selected members to act as overseers at the various well sites and official Certificates of Participation were presented to the participants prior to their 7 kilometer walk back to the village.

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