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How to join EWB RTP —-  There are TWO WAYS —-   1)  To become a member through the “national” process, visit, click on “join” and go through what looks like a donation process.  $35 makes you a member of the EWB USA national organization (these become annual dues), and will enable you to log into “Volunteer Village” where you can then affiliate with our chapter (EWB RTP) and have access to many resources associated with EWB project processes.   If you run into any problems with this, just e-mail us at the above e-mail address (      Becoming a member via this “national” process is required in order to actually be on a travel team for a project, attend EWB conferences, or to be a chapter officer.   2)  If you think you don’t need to do one of those things, but want to be involved with our efforts/activities, you can become a “local” member just by e-mailing us at and getting on our distro for all of the other EWB RTP activities/efforts, including project planning, fundraising, social events etc.    Also please sign up on the above MeetUp site ( for meeting/event info.   In either approach, please do e-mail us so we can make sure we get you on distro.