Introduction to Waspam, Nicaragua

Funding opportunity: Currently, the EWB-RTP chapter is working on a sustainable water project in the town of Waspam Nicaragua. The Region around Waspam is very remote and underdeveloped. While some basic infrastructure is established, much of it is in disrepair or unusable. The most direct goal of this project is to provide a reliable source of safe drinking water, and to further basic sanitation and hygiene education in the area. The next phase of the project will be one of continued relationship building and pilot scale water collection improvements. The key to making this project sustainable is to empower the people of these communities to develop, implement and maintain long term solutions to water problems and general sanitation. The requested funding from supporters will be used to purchase materials used for the well repair, install at least one ceramic filtration system and provide general hygiene and sanitation materials for the community. Any donors to this project will be recognized in our project marketing materials and in other fund raising efforts.
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